About Us

Founded in 2018 NewClei set out to produce quality, high end cannabis products while keeping affordability in focus.

September 2019 we launched our line of  Cannagars.

NewClei Cannagars

  • Premium Flower
  • Hash Infused
  • Pressed for a slow burn
  • Ported down the center for an easy draw
  • Wrapped in hemp or virgin paper (no tobacco)
  • Available sizes 2g 4g 8g
  • Eco friendly packaging

Over the past 3 years NewClei has produced more than 10,000 Cannagars, sold in 100+ Oklahoma dispensaries and became a multi award winning product.

In 2022 NewClei launched two series of cannabis pipes.

NewClei Collector Series

NewClei Signature Series

Our Collector Series is a line of specialty hand carved, one of a kind figurine pipes that any enthusiast / collector would be proud to own.

Our Signature Series is a line of uniquely designed pocket pipes that include our interchangeable flower cartridges. Our cartridges take the hassle out of pipe cleaning. Simply remove the cartridge to clean and load. Having multiple cartridges allows the user to quickly change out a spent bowl for a fresh one.

In addition to our line of cannagars and pipes, we’ve added some gear. Branded accessories include our Cannagar Whiskey Glass, Rose Wood Cannagar Tube, Lassor Engraved Ashtray and more…

March of 2023 we introduced NewClei Cannarollos
Cannarollos are 1 gram hash infused premium flower wrapped in a thin dark paper. We use the same hash flower mixture for Cannarollos that we put in our Cannagars.

We stand behind all of our products. If a customer has an issue with any of our products please contact us. We will make sure to resolve it to the customers satisfaction.

We appreciate everyone who has supported NewClei and if you haven’t, give us a try….